Screamin’ Sirens

Screamin’ Sirens were formed in Hollywood, California about 1983. The band was formed by vocalist Pleasant Gehman. She was quoted saying “I just wanted to have a really wild all-girl band that was like a gang or something.  We had all the same ideas about bands and life and drinking and everything.”  Sporting cowboy boots and western skirts, the band delivered a high energy live show. “A lot of people told us we had more balls than any girl band they’ve seen because we get really wild onstage,” Pleasant Gehman noted. “We were not into wimpiness at all.

Genny Schorr, guitar player and vocalist was also in the original line-up of the all girl band Backstage Pass and was involved in The Masque. She later owned Rock clothing store Strait Jacket with Elvis Costello’s manager, Jake Riviera. Her company included was associated with bands such as The Bangles as Stylist, Elvis Costello, The Go-Go’s, X, Wall of Voodoo, Nick Lowe, The Plimsouls,  Psychedelic Furs. and Linda Ronstadt, just to name a few.

Other members of the original group included drummer and songwriter Diane Boom Boom Dixon and bass and vocals Fur Dixon. A fifth member of the group, Marsky Reins, played fiddle in addition to guitar, helping the band to achieve a signature punked up country and western sound.