Rock ‘n Roll Wardrobe Stylist 1982-1993

After Strait Jacket closed in 1982 I found myself lost and without a job but I had the fortune of sitting next to Linda Ronstadt in 1983. It was a Tom Petty Show and Nick Lowe was the opener at The Universal Amphitheater. For some strange reason I had the urge to say to her “I know what you’re looking at” and she replied “what?!” And I said Tom Petty’s Ass!!!”  And she said “ I am!”  The next day I was working for her as her wardrobe stylist and living in her home in Brentwood! I did her last Rock Tour for Get Closer and then that segued into her Big Band music with Nelson Riddle.  I did all the clothes for her album covers and videos and we toured Japan and Australia and The United States.   Later my main client was The Bangles and we went to Europe and The U.S.  I had other clients too of the era such as, Marshall Crenshaw, Tom Petty, E. G. Daily, Terri Nunn,  Dave Stewart and The Spiritual Cowboys, Jim Carrey, The William Brothers.